For a short time only  sessions are $88/hour. 22 processes for you to choose are included with every session! This works out to be $4 per process! Savings of $242on process’s plus a free 1 hour session!!
Click here to book a personal session:       1 hour session: $88

SVH level 1 course
The SVH course provides you the tools you need so you can clear away the formatting yourself! After completing the course you will also be able to load all of these process’s for your family & friends as you will become a level 1 practitioner! This course offers you 333 process’s!!!!
Learn more about the level 1 course               Click here to book the level 1 course:Group telecourse - $888Personal course - $1111

Serenity Physical Support process’s PHYS Process: Auditory Function PHYS Process: Baby Cleanse PHYS Process: Balanced Remedy PHYS Process: Blood and Lymph PHYS Process: Brain and Nervous System PHYS Process: Cavitation and Root Canal PHYS Process: Dental Procedure 
PHYS Process: Food Blessing Symbols PHYS Process: Foreign DNA and Energy PHYS Process: Metals PHYS Process: No Jet Lag PHYS Process: Prosthetic or Synthetic Insertions PHYS Process: Surgical Procedure Imphara Escort Template Imphara Escort for Healing and Detection of Anchors Template Multiple Imphara Journeys for Healing and Detection of anchors Template  

Just want to buy some Serenity process’s?
Bulk and Save!!
Individual  process’s - $11 each
33 or more process - $8
100 or more process’s $3 each
Click here for a full list of Serenity level 1 clearing process’s
CLR Process: Contracts and Covenants CLR Process: Control Compartments CLR Process: Curse Release CLR Process: Death door CLR Process: Emotional Trauma CLR Process: Galactic Violation CLR Process: Harm Cords CLR Process: Hostility CLR Process: Identity Confusion CLR Process: Karma Release CLR Process: Minor Trauma CLR Process: Optimism CLR Process: Physical Trauma CLR Process: Physical Violation CLR Process: Sleeping Angel CLR Process: Toxic Emotions CLR Process: Unauthorized Interaction CLR Process: Wedge Soul  Clearing Process: Hide and Seek Sexual Abuse Process, Created by God Master Healing File, Created by Jesus Moments that Reinforce Limiting Imprints 
Click here for a full list of Serenity level 1 Shielding process’s
SLD Process: Adversary Shield SLD Process: Astral Travel Shield SLD Process: Cording Shield SLD Process: Device Shield SLD Process: EMF Shield SLD Process: Freedom Shield SLD Process: Intentional Harm Shield SLD Process: Light cord Shield SLD Process: Organism Shield SLD Process: Ritual shield SLD Process: Seed Shield SLD Process: Snoop Shield SLD Process: Soul Sovereignty Shield SLD Process: Sovereignty Sphere SLD Process: Spectrum Shield SLD Process: Spectrum Shield-Interactive SLD Process: Suppression Shield SLD Process: Thought Shield SLD Process: Vehicle Sphere SLD Process: Wandering Spirit Shield 
Click here for a full list of Serenity level 1 Enlightenment process’s
ENL Process: Angelic Rebirthing ENL Process: Astrological Blocks to Mastery ENL Process: Auric Field Blessing ENL Process: Auto-Shift to the Divinity Core ENL Process: Comfort Level ENL Process: Crystalline Body ENL Process: Enhanced DNA Imphara Escort Template Imphara Escort for Healing and Detection of Anchors Template Multiple Imphara Journeys for Healing and Detection of anchors Template ENL Process: Fetal DNA Activation ENL Process: Grounding ENL Process: Innate Gifts ENL Process: Serenity Vibration ENL Process: Transformational Chakras ENL Process: Wisdom of the Ages 
Click here for a full list of Serenity trigger words:
Trigger: Sleep clearing Trigger: No stick
Trigger: Cancel Trigger: Just describing Trigger: Safe Trigger: Judgment
Trigger: Butterfly
Trigger: Serenity
Trigger: Infection Trigger: Aura Balancing Trigger: Pain Release Trigger: Angelic Intervention Trigger: White breathing Trigger: Dolphin love healing Trigger: Expansion patch Trigger: Bless
Trigger: Clean Trigger: Creation words Trigger: Manifest Trigger: Ancient Breathing Trigger: Resolve Trigger Process - Golden Orb Trigger: Joy Speak Trigger:  All Clear
Trigger: I can Trigger: Road bliss Trigger: Focus blast Trigger: Later Trigger: I love Me Trigger: I Expect to be Loved Trigger: You are wonderful Trigger: Stop it now Trigger: Prosperity Trigger: Salute Trigger: Goddess Sphere Trigger: God Sphere Trigger: Creator Sphere Trigger: All clear Trigger: Then Time Trigger: Now time - Compressed Time Trigger: Resolve 
Serenity Protocols (leave out for now what is in blue)Active or Latent Limiting Profiles Protocol Process: Idiom Library Process: Data Retrieval and Processing Process: Human Divine Union Clearing Process: Elixir of Light Clearing Infusion Process: Master File Discovery and Release Profile Serenity Pack # 10 Process: West Nile Virus Process: Bird Flu

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