Are you happy with your current life?

Do you like what you have been attracting?

  Did you know that it is you that creates your life!


Every experience that has happened in your life, you have created.


You might be thinking how is that so? There is no way that I would have chosen to have created sickness or trauma or drama in my life!

You see you create your life from your formatting. Your formatting comes from numerous things like your thoughts, your feelings, your perceptions and your views. On a deeper level they also come from the genetics within your family which have been passed down through each generation. Even all the thoughts that your mother had when you were in her womb was passed down to you!
We are also linked to our soul groups formatting. This means we belong to a cluster of souls which we can call a soul family. If there are problems going on for someone in our soul group, we can be linked to their problems too. And collectively we are linked to the collective consciousness which can fuel further limitations within our formatting. This means we can tap into the limitations of society’s beliefs and perceptions on everything, such as “the cost of living is so expensive” Just describing! 

Think of yourself as a mirror. The life that you are creating is a mirror to your inner world. For example, if you think you only have enough money to make ends meet, you will only create enough money to make ends meet. If you think that you are fat & overweight, chances are no diet will work for you. You may be able to lose the weight in the beginning but the weight will more than likely go back on if you have not changed the formatting that created being overweight in the first place.

So if you don’t like what you are attracting in life, you change yourself!

How do you change yourself you might ask? You change the formatting of yourself!

How do you change the formatting of yourself? Serenity Vibration healing!

Serenity Vibration Healing is the only modality that I have found that offers the tools that we can use in order to clear the limitations that is within us in order to create exactly what we want in our life.
The only person that is in the way for you to create what you want in your life is you!
Are you ready to get yourself out of the way & clear the formatting that no longer serves you?

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