Serenity Vibration Healing© and Enlightenment Technique

The Foundation of this modality is quantum level reprogramming. This is a reformatting tool, which empowers the Creator to energetically release barriers & blocks that are seeded or built upon limiting beliefs or perceptions that are anchored in your experience in this lifetime.

These tools will reformat genetic predispositions that have been attracted into your realty, also release limiting alliances that have been anchored into your life through karma, curses and other suppression profiles.

This modality is about sovereignty, autonomy and the freedom to elevate your vibration and light quotient, freeing the attraction of limiting experiences that have the potential to block your smooth and graceful evolution to higher consciousness.

Can you imagine what it would be like to stop creation energy from deviating away from conscious desires and instead, redirect the energy to fully support the image of your choices? Then imagine what it would be like to clear away the energy of events that occurred in the past & empower the Creator to re-script the limiting formatting that sponsored those events and clear away any patterns that were aligned with them.

With the serenity tools you can do all of that & more. You can vanquish random inner dialog and the seeds & foundations that support it, and set the stage for your master walk in this world.

Create the life you have dreamed of, where your every thought is fueled with creation energy that is deliberate instead of living out old patterns of events and behavior that is filled with drama. You can finally be free and break the cycle!


What is a Serenity process?

A serenity process is a Formula that is defined to direct the Creator to implement specific courses of action. These directions define exactly what you would choose the Creator to implement for you. In the cases of curses we have found it is not enough to energetically clear them because they simply reactivate again later. The reason why this happens is because your soul had to agree to bear the curses born from the soul lineage.

Additionally, curses that were cursed upon your ancestors are carried into this life with your genetics. Curses can block your progression to mastery, can stop you from conceiving, can attract experiences of drama and trauma, and even bring harm to you and your property. Curses can also block your abundance to money and attract physical illness.

Curses are real and their energy can literally stop a person form creating their life that they are choosing. Using the serenity process for curse removal, it will not only release the curse in the now moment, it will roll back through time and release the curse from the past. This will lay a new foundation that will reflect the realty that you were never cursed at all. Those that cursed you through the soul lineage or ancestry will have no idea that you have been emancipated form the curses. Serenity tools will load holograms that will reflect to them the expected outcome of you still being cursed if that was their desire for that reality to be played out.

How is this possible you might ask? Well it is possible because universal laws allow it and the Creator can do anything. The key is in choosing and defining the reality that you desire to reformat.

The intricate wording of each serenity process is indefinably inspired to unlock the coding that will emancipate you from suppression profiles, bondage, outside interferences & internal sabotage.

Thought cord shield: Imagine for a moment how many thoughts you have had about others…. Now think of how many thoughts others have had about you…. You may not consciously recognise the thought data as words and concepts but you can sometimes pick up on them. One of the most destructive thoughts is the thoughts of a critical parent, especially if the thoughts are demeaning. Critical thoughts can confuse a child and can set up a pattern of mistrust that can last a lifetime, blocking the person from attracting honoring relationships and developing a sense of personal value. Destructive thoughts can create imbalance at any age. A good example is lust. Have you had individuals lust after you but you had no interest with them in any way shape of form. Their thoughts are stored within you. If you were molested or raped all of the thoughts of the perpetrator before during & after the event are stored within you, even their DNA if there was penetration, there is a Serenity process for that too.

What if I told you that we have a Process that can be implemented for you, that would roll back to your birth, and every thought you ever had about anyone that was not loving, could be stopped from transmitting to those people, in turn releasing them from your negative thoughts. In addition to that component of the shield, the Creator will block limiting thoughts that other people had about you, freeing you forever from the random inner dialog that was sponsored by those thoughts, as well as the confusion and limitation that those critical thoughts supported. When this process is activated, it would be as if you released a huge backpack full of rocks and in the new paradigm those thoughts were never logged in your files. It’s pretty amazing.

There is an angelic re-birthing process that can be implemented in an instant and will change your life in the now, as well as transform the reality of the past to reflect none of the thoughts of the mother or any limiting thoughts from outside the womb from crossing into the child.

There are brain expansion processes that will energetically unlock areas of the intellect that have remained inactive in humanity for thousands of years. There are so many enlightenment processes, and each of them is designed for you to reach the next level of mastery that you are destined to obtain.

This modality has hundreds of process’s & clearing profiles to assist you to reach your ultimate goals and desires. Your goals can be reached faster when the curses, wedges, karma, old traumas and adversarial entrapments are released from your reality.

When you are emancipated from deeply intertwined suppression profiles it is easier to move through the steps to mastery by mastering your conscious thoughts and focusing your creation energy on areas of your life that will enhance your higher evolution to higher consciousness.

Thoughts create our reality. People can have millions of limiting thoughts that are bound in the unconscious that are fueling limitation in their life. These thoughts can instigate drama, trauma, physical harm, and can hold you back from your purpose that you originally planned with the Creator for this lifetime. The key to mastery is mastering the mind and quantum level reprogramming will help you to achieve this goal. 

There are many progressive serenity tools that will support your path to mastery. There are expansion process’s that open areas of your consciousness that have been unused by humanity for thousands of years. They are enlightenment tools & processes that will elevate your vibration & light quotient as well as physical support process’s that are designed to energetically transform imbalances.

There are intervention profiles such as line clearings & shields that are designed to block limiting forces from suppressing & limiting your sovereignty and autonomy. Because every facet of this modality is implemented by the Creator, we can move forward & backwards through time to energetically reformat childhood issues, clear blocks that go as far back as the development of the ovum. We work with the soul & can seal of areas of imbalances that are attracted into this life through the soul lineage which most people associate with past lives.

If your personal relationships do not meet your ideal expectation, if your physical body is in imbalance, or you are struggling financially, there are barriers blocking you from obtaining the divine ideal image of these areas of your life.

If serenity sounds like just what you have been praying for and you would like to book a session using these transformational tools, please call or email for an appointment.


Serenity Vibration Healing Sessions:
1st session:
Includes ALL SVH level 1  process's and a 1  hour personalised clearing session $111
2nd session: 
Includes ALL SVH level 1 Mastery process's and a 1  hour personalised clearing session $111
3rd session: 
Includes ALL SVH level 2  process's and a 1  hour personalised clearing session $111
4th session: 
 Includes ALL  SVH level 2 Mastery process's and a 1  hour personalised clearing session $111
5th session: 
Includes ALL SVH level 3 process's and a 1  hour personalised clearing session $111
6th session:
Includes ALL SVH level 3 Mastery process's and a 1  hour personalised clearing session $111
 Please note that you do not need to be present to receive the Serenity Vibration Healing. A session can be done over the phone and Serenity packs can be loaded for you to accept in a time capsule that can be implemented at the divine ideal time for you.
Serenity Process packs
Level 1 Serenity packs are $55 each, or $11 per process 
See packs below:
Serenity Clearing Pack # 1
CLR Process: Contracts and Covenants
CLR Process: Control Compartments
CLR Process: Curse Release
CLR Process: Death door
CLR Process: Emotional Trauma
CLR Process: Galactic Violation
CLR Process: Harm Cords
CLR Process: Hostility
CLR Process: Identity Confusion
Trigger: Cancel
Trigger: Just describing
Serenity Clearing Pack # 2
CLR Process: Karma Release
CLR Process: Minor Trauma
CLR Process: Optimism
CLR Process: Physical Trauma
CLR Process: Physical Violation
CLR Process: Sleeping Angel
CLR Process: Toxic Emotions
CLR Process: Unauthorized Interaction
CLR Process: Wedge Soul
Trigger: Sleep clearing
Trigger: No stick
Serenity Shielding Pack #3
SLD Process: Adversary Shield
SLD Process: Astral Travel Shield
SLD Process: Cording Shield
SLD Process: Device Shield
SLD Process: EMF Shield
SLD Process: Freedom Shield
SLD Process: Intentional Harm Shield
SLD Process: Light cord Shield
SLD Process: Organism Shield
SLD Process: Ritual shield
Trigger: Safe
Serenity Shielding Pack # 4
SLD Process: Seed Shield
SLD Process: Snoop Shield
SLD Process: Soul Sovereignty Shield
SLD Process: Sovereignty Sphere
SLD Process: Spectrum Shield
SLD Process: Spectrum Shield-Interactive
SLD Process: Suppression Shield
SLD Process: Thought Shield
SLD Process: Vehicle Sphere
SLD Process: Wandering Spirit Shield
Trigger: Judgment
Serenity Enlightenment Pack # 5
ENL Process: Angelic Rebirthing
ENL Process: Astrological Blocks to Mastery
ENL Process: Auric Field Blessing
ENL Process: Auto-Shift to the Divinity Core
ENL Process: Comfort Level
ENL Process: Crystalline Body
ENL Process: Enhanced DNA
Imphara Escort Template
Imphara Escort for Healing and Detection of Anchors Template
Multiple Imphara Journeys for Healing and Detection of anchors Template
Trigger: Butterfly
Serenity Enlightenment Pack # 6
ENL Process: Fetal DNA Activation
ENL Process: Grounding
ENL Process: Innate Gifts
ENL Process: Serenity Vibration
ENL Process: Transformational Chakras
ENL Process: Wisdom of the Ages
Repeated Mental Recrimination Template
Limiting Imprints Template
Higher Consciousness Template
Clarity Template
Trigger: Serenity
Serenity Physical Support Pack # 7
PHYS Process:  Auditory Function
PHYS Process:  Baby Cleanse
PHYS Process:  Balanced Remedy
PHYS Process:  Blood and Lymph
PHYS Process:  Brain and Nervous System
PHYS Process:  Cavitation and Root Canal
PHYS Process:  Dental Procedure
Trigger: Clean
Trigger: Dolphin love healing
Trigger: Expansion patch
Trigger: Bless
Serenity Physical Support Pack # 8
PHYS Process:  Food Blessing Symbols
PHYS Process:  Foreign DNA and Energy
PHYS Process:  Metals
PHYS Process:  No Jet Lag
PHYS Process:  Prosthetic or Synthetic Insertions
PHYS Process:  Surgical Procedure
Trigger:  Infection
Trigger:  Aura Balancing
Trigger: Pain Release
Trigger: Angelic Intervention
Trigger: White breathing
Serenity Protocols Packs # 9
Active or Latent Limiting Profiles Protocol
Process: Idiom Library
Process: Data Retrieval and Processing
Process: Human Divine Union
Clearing Process: Elixir of Light Clearing Infusion
Process: Master File
Discovery and Release Profile
Trigger: Creation words
Trigger: Manifest
Trigger: Ancient Breathing
Trigger:  Resolve
Serenity  Pack  # 10
Process: West Nile Virus
Process: Bird Flu
Process: White-out
Trigger Process – Golden Orb
Process Joy Speak
Process: All Clear
Template: Healing Steps
Process: I can
Trigger: Road bliss
Trigger: Focus blast
Trigger: Later
Serenity Pack # 11
Sexual Abuse Process, Created by God
Master Healing File, Created by Jesus
Moments that Reinforce Limiting Imprints
Higher Consciousness
Clearing Process: Hide and Seek
Trigger: I love Me
Trigger: I Expect to be Loved
Trigger: You are wonderful
Trigger: Stop it now
Trigger:  Prosperity
Trigger: Salute
Trigger: Goddess Sphere
Trigger: God Sphere
Trigger: Creator Sphere
Trigger: All clear
Trigger: Then Time    
Trigger: Now time - Compressed Time
Trigger: Resolve
Please note: For your body to remain in balance, Level two packs can only be ordered after all level 1 pack’s have been actuated.
Level 2 packs are valued at $88 each
Level Two Pack # 1- Sovereignty Shields
Serenity Process 127: Fictive File Hologram
Serenity Process 128: Personal File Cloak
Serenity Process 129: File Scan
Serenity Process 130: Cloaked File Scan
Serenity Process 131: Data Matrix Virus Scan
Serenity Process 132: Non-Soul Tribal Subjugation
Serenity Process 133:  Footprints and Energy Links
Serenity Process 134: Dream Cording
Serenity Process 135: Destructive Dream Cycles
Serenity Process 136: Dream weaving
Serenity Process 137: Seditious Dream-Time Interaction
Serenity Process 138: Seeds of Orion
Serenity Process 139: Satanic Ritual and Cult Exploitation
Level Two Packs # 2 - Clearing Expansion Processes  
Serenity Process 200: Divine Balancing Filter
Serenity Process 201: Money Laundering
Serenity Process 202: Inactive Files
Serenity Process 203: DNA Shedding
Serenity Process 204: Clean Sweep
Serenity Process 205: Consigned to Slavery
Serenity Process 206: Satanic Ritual Abuse
Serenity Process 207: Government Manipulation
Serenity Process 208: Porn/Sex Cult Exploitation
Serenity Process 209: Toxic Shame Sweep
Serenity Process 210: Ancient Subjugation Formatting
Serenity Process 211: Right Ear Dominance Sweep
Serenity Process 212: Death Hormone
Serenity Process 213: Brokenness Sweep
Serenity Process 214: Bodily Excretion Sweep
Level Two Pack # 3 -  Enlightenment Expansion Processes
Serenity Process 400: Benign Creation Energy
Serenity Process 401: Energy Spin Points
Serenity Process 402: Gift Expansion
Serenity Process 403: Soul Matrix Alignment and Balancing
Serenity Process 404: Soul Cording
Serenity Process 405: Harmonic Amplification
Serenity Process 406: Perfecting the Word
Serenity Process 407: The Sound Creation
Serenity Process 408: Love and Joy Exchange
Serenity Process 409: Perfected Priesthood
Serenity Process 410: Anchoring the Ichor Codes
Level Two Pack # 4 -  Enlightenment Expansion Processes
Serenity Process 411:  Language of Light Accelerator
Serenity Process 412:  Alpha Brain Wave
Serenity Process 413:  Benign Creation Energy
Serenity Process 414:  Anchoring the Truth
Serenity Process 415:  The Vibration Of Gratitude
Serenity Process 416:  Sacred Communication
Serenity Process 417:  Conscious Awareness in Each Reality
Serenity Process 418:  The Tones Of Love
Serenity Process 419:  Inhaling Unconditional Love
Serenity Process 420:  Sacred rays
Serenity Process 421:  Similon Cord Conveyance
Serenity Process 422:  Ten-Fold Return
Level Two Pack # 5 - Release Expansion Processes
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Choosing Divine Oneness
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Choosing Regeneration
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Choosing Sovereignty
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Embracing the Laws of Manifestation
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Choosing Abundance
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Choosing Life
Serenity Release Process: Consciously Choosing Serenity, Clarity and Focus
Serenity Release Process: Divine Neutrality
Serenity Release Process: New Rules for the New World
Serenity Release Process: The New Rules for the New World
Trigger: Claiming my Realm
Level Two Pack # 6 - Transformational Re-scripting Processes
Serenity Process 500: Automatic Positioning
Serenity Process 501: Time Capsule
Serenity Process 502: Remapping through Quantum Alalasis
Serenity Process 503: Vow Sweep
Serenity Process 504: Good Boy and Good Girl
Serenity Process 505: Defined Auto-clustering Sequences
Level Two Host Body Cleansing, Healing and Transformational Processes:
Serenity Process 600: Live-cell Embryonic Therapy
Serenity Process 601: Graceful Release and Reformation
Serenity Process 602:  Rapid Regeneration
Serenity Process 603: Balanced Nadis
Serenity Process 604: Meridian Clearing
Level Two Pack # 7 - Host Body Cleansing, Healing and Transformational Processes
Serenity Process 605: Surplus Fat
Serenity Process 606: Cancer Abatement
Serenity Process 607: Rheumatoid/Osteoarthritis
Serenity Process 608: Mucus Formation
Serenity Process 609: Host Body Data Matrix Defrag
Serenity Process 610: Host Body Sentience Data Matrix Defrag
Serenity Process 611: Energy System Data Matrix Defrag
Serenity Process 612: Etheric Body Data Matrix Defrag
Serenity Process 613: Crystalline Body Data Matrix Defrag
Serenity Process 614: Fields of Knowledge Data Matrix Defrag
Serenity Process 615: Lighten-up
The Serenity Keys are loaded with every Serenity session
The Serenity Keys are designed to ferret out hidden pockets of imbalance that have the potential to limit your clarity, focus, abundance, joy, health, vitality and sovereignty. This reformatting method sets you free, allowing you to release the seeds and foundations of imbalance in the moment, when creation energy is in its formation stages.
Key 1:
This tool functions like a magnet that gathers up formatting consciously defined by you. As you describe the parameters of your clearing, the mechanisms of this key direct the God Self to load the corresponding formatting.
Key 1 is calibrated to follow the theme of your descrptive words and intentions. It uses them as a guide to uncover the seeds of imbalance that are anchoring, supporting, fostering, aiding or assisting in the creation of events, experiences, beliefs, perceptions and non-serving patterns defined in your directive.
Key 2:
This key empowers your God Self to uncover and load the genes and genetic predispositions, blueprints, imprints, limiting perceptions, images, energy singnatures and layers of embedded formatting, which are aligned with the formatting that has been loaded.
Key 3:
This key, when actuated, empowers the Creator to re-script the formatting that has been loaded.
A special thank you to my wonderful teachers; Jill Marie Wood, Sharon Ellis and Sandy Mayor, for the Masters that they are, their friendship, and for the use of some paragraphs in creating this website. Blessings to you always.
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